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DUI Defense & Alcohol-Related Charges

Athens, Georgia DUI Defense

If you have recently been arrested for drunk driving or charged with an alcohol-related crime — you probably have questions about what is going to happen next, concerns about your future and some very big decisions ahead of you, including, choosing a lawyer. Georgia law requires you to act immediately after a DUI arrest or you could lose your right to operate a vehicle. Also, jail time is mandatory for a DUI conviction.

At Hudson, Montgomery, Kalivoda & Connelly - Attorneys at Law, you will find a law firm that has been serving the people of northeast Georgia since 1972. You will also find hard-working advocates who are not afraid to try cases and who will attempt minimize the consequences of the DUI or alcohol-related arrest.

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  • DUI defense: with decades of criminal defense experience to draw from and an attorney who was formerly a police officer and made DUI arrests and administered field sobriety tests himself — our firm is well-positioned to challenge your arrest and the state's evidence against you.
  • License suspensions: in Georgia, being arrested for a DUI means that your driver's license will automatically be suspended unless you request an ALS hearing within ten business days to challenge it. In other words, do not wait to talk to a lawyer.
  • Alcohol-related crimes: There are numerous criminal charges relating to the consumption of alcohol including underage possession of alcohol, possession of a fake identification, public drunkenness and others, all of which can have an impact on your future. Effective representation will protect you and lessen the consequences of your acts.

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For answers to other questions you may have about Georgia's DUI laws, your rights or how our attorneys can help — call our Athens, Georgia law offices directly.